Z pucks by Calypso

Calypso Z Pucks: Premium Stabilized chlorinating tablets with Zinc

Calypso Z Pucks are stabilized chlorinating tablets with Zinc, offering a dual-action approach for superior sanitization and enhanced water quality. With an impressive 90% available chlorine content, these tablets are a potent defense against bacteria and algae, ensuring the cleanliness of your pool water. The addition of Zinc elevates the performance of the sanitizer, contributing to a healthier swimming environment. Z Pucks effectively control and combat the growth of bacteria and algae in your pool, maintaining water clarity. Designed for convenience, these tablets are 100% water-soluble, guaranteeing a seamless dissolution process for even distribution of sanitizing power throughout your pool. Dive into the future of pool maintenance with Calypso Z Pucks, where innovation meets performance for a crystal-clear and exceptionally sanitized pool experience.


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