Wide Mouth Skimmer by Distinction

Introducing the Distinction Standard Wide Mouth Skimmer – your pool’s gateway to a debris-free haven!

Available in both sleek grey and classic white, this skimmer is the epitome of functionality and style. Engineered by Distinction, a brand synonymous with quality pool essentials, this wide mouth skimmer boasts a design that ensures efficient debris collection, keeping your pool pristine.

Whether it’s leaves, bugs, or other unwanted intruders, the Distinction Standard Wide Mouth Skimmer is up to the task. Its wide opening provides a welcoming entry point for debris, preventing clogs and maintaining optimal skimming performance. Choose the color that complements your pool’s aesthetic – grey for a modern touch or white for timeless elegance.

Elevate your pool maintenance experience with the Distinction Standard Wide Mouth Skimmer – where form meets function in perfect harmony. Because a clean pool is a happy pool! 🌊🍃


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