White Teflon Tape By Distinction

standard Teflon tape!

Introducing our White Teflon Tape by Distinction, a cost-effective solution for various pool and spa applications. This versatile tape is designed to provide a reliable and secure seal, making it an essential tool for your pool fitting needs.

Key Features:

  • Universal Application: Suitable for a wide range of plumbing tasks, ensuring a tight and secure seal.
  • Compact Design & eco-friendly: Sold in a convenient loose roll, our White Teflon Tape is easy to handle and dispense for your specific requirements. with less packaging then the leading competitors we strive to offer a more eco-friendly option for our clients.
  • Affordable Quality: Despite its economical price point, this Teflon tape by Distinction delivers quality performance for your plumbing projects.

Grab our White Teflon Tape by Distinction your pool maintenance toolkit. Whether you’re working on pipes, fittings, or connections, this affordable and reliable tape ensures a leak-free and durable seal.  Get your pool and projects done with the convenience and effectiveness of our White Teflon Tape.


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