Union Nut 2″ by AquaFlo

2″ Nut FBT

Introducing the AquaFlo Union Nut – 2″, a vital component for your plumbing needs, designed and manufactured by Gecko Aqua-Flo. This Union Nut, featuring a 2″ Female Buttress Thread (FBT), is a key element in securing and connecting various plumbing parts.

Key Features:

Dimensions: The AquaFlo Union Nut – 2″ boasts compact dimensions, measuring 8.79 x 8.79 x 3.61 cm, ensuring a practical and space-efficient solution for your plumbing setup.
Reliable Construction: Manufactured by Gecko Aqua-Flo, this Union Nut is crafted with precision and durability to meet the high standards of your plumbing requirements.
Versatile Thread Design: The 2″ Female Buttress Thread (FBT) provides versatility in connecting different components, offering a secure and adaptable solution for your plumbing configurations.

Replace your current nut with our AquaFlo Union Nut – 2″, a reliable and precisely engineered component designed to continue the efficiency and integrity of your plumbing connections. Whether for repairs or new installations, trust Gecko products for quality and performance.


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