the BoomShroom Speaker by Sound Candy


Introducing the BoomShroom Speaker by Sound Candy – the ultimate portable speaker that’s as funky as it is functional! Shaped like a mushroom with a mesmerizing light display on its cap, this speaker adds a psychedelic touch to any gathering or hangout. Whether you’re chilling in your room or partying with friends, the BoomShroom delivers crisp audio via Bluetooth, a 1/8″ (3 mm) aux cord, or micro SD port. With a battery life of 4.5 hours and a Bluetooth range of 33 feet, you can enjoy your favorite tunes wherever you go. Plus, the lights and music can operate independently, allowing you to customize your audiovisual experience. Complete with a combo micro USB charging/aux playback cord and a micro SD card slot (micro SD card not included), the BoomShroom Speaker is your go-to for groovy vibes on the move. So grab your tunes and bring the party with you with the BoomShroom Speaker by Sound Candy!


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