Sharkpedo Underwater Glider by Prime Time

Glider toy

Dive into excitement with the #1 SHARKPEDO TOY – introducing the Diving Masters Sharkpedo Underwater Glider by Prime Time! This aquatic rocket adds a thrilling shark attack twist to your pool time adventures. With its impressive gliding range of up to 30 feet, the Sharkpedo is a larger-than-life 12″ torpedo that outshines other dive toys.

Easy to use and perfect for teaching kids to swim and dive, the Sharkpedo becomes the ultimate pool companion. Submerge, throw it like a dart underwater, and watch it swim with the grace of a shark. The tapered shark tail ensures easy gripping and tossing, making it one of the most entertaining kids pool toys.

Take the fun a step further – challenge your kids to throw the Sharkpedo through underwater pool rings! Recommended for ages 6 and up, this captivating toy is a must-have accessory for beach and swimming pool adventures. Elevate your pool play with Prime Time Toys – where the Sharkpedo takes center stage in aquatic excitement! 🦈🚀


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