Salt and Swim by Hayward

Older slat generator by Hayward

Transform your above-ground pool experience with the Hayward Salt & Swim system, designed exclusively for pools up to 23,000 gallons. This cutting-edge chlorination solution not only streamlines pool maintenance but also slashes chlorine costs by a remarkable 50% or more.

With an automatic chlorination process, the Salt & Swim system diligently works to keep your pool water crystal clear. Bid farewell to nuisance algae as this system adds a layer of protection to your pool, ensuring a pristine environment for your aquatic oasis.

Installation is a breeze with a do-it-yourself setup that takes just 15 minutes, and there’s no need for gluing pipes. The convenience continues with a 120V ready system – simply plug it in and let it work its magic.

Experience the luxury of soft, silky water that won’t leave your eyes red or your skin dry. The Hayward Salt & Swim system produces the chlorine equivalent of 155 lbs. of Trichlor, ensuring your pool stays perfectly sanitized.

With a commendable 2-year cell life (equivalent to 3 Canadian swimming seasons), this system is a long-term investment in hassle-free pool maintenance. Upgrade your pool experience today with Hayward Salt & Swim – the epitome of efficiency, cost savings, and pure, enjoyable swimming.


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