Quarter Slot Plug 3/8″ Black by Waterway

Bleeder Screw

Introducing the Waterway Plastics 715-1201 Quarter Slot Plug in Black, a reliable and high-quality solution for your plumbing needs. Manufactured to the highest standards, this quarter slot plug is designed to offer superior performance and durability, ensuring a long-lasting and leak-free seal for your plumbing system.

Key Features:

Precise Fit: Designed to fit into quarter slot openings with a diameter of 3/8 inches, this plug provides a secure and tight seal, preventing any leaks or drips in your plumbing system.
Durable Construction: Crafted from premium materials, this plug is built to withstand the rigors of daily use and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
Easy Installation: With its user-friendly design, this plug can be easily installed without the need for specialized tools or equipment, saving you time and effort during the installation process.
Versatile Use: Whether you’re working on a new plumbing installation or repairing an existing system, this quarter slot plug is suitable for a wide range of applications, providing flexibility and convenience.


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