Pump Plate C101-272PS by Pentair

For JWP series AG pumps

Introducing the Pump Plate by Pentair, a dedicated replacement part designed for the seamless repair of your pump. This front plate assembly is crafted for compatibility with Pentair Sta-Rite JWP series aboveground pool and spa pumps, offering a straightforward solution to address pump issues. The replacement part includes a floating eye for added convenience during installation.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Replacement: The Pump Plate by Pentair is specifically crafted as a front plate assembly replacement, providing an efficient solution for addressing issues with your pump.
  • Compatibility: Designed to fit Pentair Sta-Rite JWP series aboveground pool and spa pumps, ensuring precise compatibility for a hassle-free replacement process.
  • Inclusive Design: The replacement part comes complete with a floating eye, offering added convenience during installation.
  • Quality Construction: Crafted by Pentair, a trusted name in pool equipment, the pump plate ensures durability and reliability in maintaining the performance of your pump.

Choose the Pump Plate by Pentair for a dependable replacement part that restores the functionality of your Pentair Sta-Rite JWP series aboveground pool and spa pump. Upgrade your pump system with confidence, knowing you have a quality replacement from a reputable brand.

This is a special order product! Please contact use for availability!


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