Pool First Aid by Natural Chemistry

Combines SMARTZyme with an natural clarifier!

Introducing the ultimate solution for a cloudy pool – Natural Chemistry’s Pool First Aid. This powerful formula combines SMARTZyme technology with an organic natural clarifier, swiftly rescuing your pool from cloudiness. Non-toxic and fast-acting, it clears your pool of various contaminants, including dead algae, pollen, oils, spills, anti-freeze residue, paint, and vandalism.

Key Features:

  • SMARTZyme Technology: Harnessing the power of SMARTZyme technology, this solution efficiently tackles non-living organic contaminants in your pool.
  • Non-toxic and Fast-Acting: Pool First Aid is non-toxic and works quickly to free clogged filters from oil and other build-ups, including dead algae, often without the need to backwash.
  • Easy Dosage: With a dosage of just 1 capful for every 2,000 gallons, it’s convenient to use. Apply every two days until your water is clear, avoiding use immediately before or after shocking.

Experience the speed and effectiveness of Pool First Aid – your go-to solution for a clear and pristine pool.


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