Paradise Spa Vac by Rola-Chem

Hand Powered Spa Vac!

Introducing the Paradise Spa Vac – the self-contained spa vacuum that revolutionizes your cleaning routine! Designed for water depths from 24” to 7’, this innovative vacuum requires no pumping, batteries, or water hook-up. With its aluminum telescopic pole extending over 7 feet, it effortlessly reaches every corner of your spa or pool.

How to Use:

  • Submerge and Seal: Place your thumb over the end cap hole and immerse the Paradise Spa Vac into your spa or pool, ensuring the debris chamber is fully submerged.
  • Release: Remove your thumb from the end cap, allowing the vacuum to do its magic.
  • Effortless Cleaning: Watch as the Spa Vac effortlessly collects sand, pennies, small pebbles, and more into the clear polycarbonate chamber.
  • Easy Disposal: When cleaning is complete, remove the lower cup assembly, empty the contents, and rinse out the filter area. It’s that easy!
  • Advanced Filtration: The Paradise Spa Vac Filter System is designed to trap 99.9% of all debris, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of Paradise Spa Vac – your go-to solution for a crystal-clear spa or pool!


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