P-68 Primer by Weld On

Primer for PVC glue

Introducing the Weld On P-68 Primer, a premium and industrial-strength solution for the proper softening and preparation of PVC pipe and fitting surfaces. This primer is an essential component when gluing PVC fittings or hose together, ensuring a robust and enduring bond.

Key Features:

Industrial Strength: Weld On P-68 Primer is a high-quality, industrial-strength primer designed to soften and prepare PVC pipe and fitting surfaces for optimal bonding.
Enhanced Bonding: Recommended for use when joining PVC fittings or hoses, this primer facilitates the penetration of solvent cement, resulting in a strong and long-lasting bond.
Convenient Size: The primer comes in a 1 pint size, providing ample coverage for your PVC bonding needs.
Clear Formula: With a clear color, the primer ensures visibility during application, allowing for precise and controlled use.
Cold Weather Resistant: Weld On P-68 Primer is excellent for cold weather applications, ensuring reliable bonding even in challenging environmental conditions.

Upgrade your PVC bonding process with Weld On P-68 Primer, a trusted choice for achieving strong and enduring connections in various applications. Whether for plumbing projects or other PVC bonding needs, this primer provides the reliability and performance you can count on.


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