O-Ring Heater Gasket 2″ 711-4030 by Waterway

Heater Gasket

Introducing the O-RING GASKET FOR HEATER MANIFOLD, part number 711-4030 by Waterway, designed to provide a reliable seal for hot tub heater or pump unions. With its precision engineering and high-quality construction, this gasket ensures a tight and leak-free connection, enhancing the efficiency and performance of your spa system.

Key Features:

Premium Quality: Constructed from durable materials, this O-ring gasket is built to withstand the harsh conditions of spa operation, offering long-lasting durability and reliability.
Optimal Dimensions: With an outside diameter of 2-7/8″, inside diameter of 2-1/8″, and thickness of 3/16″, this gasket is designed to perfectly fit 2″ unions, delivering a precise and effective sealing solution.
Compatibility: Designed for use with hot tub heaters or pump unions, this gasket is compatible with a wide range of spa systems, making it an ideal choice for both new installations and replacement projects.

Enhance the performance and reliability of your spa system with the O-RING GASKET FOR HEATER MANIFOLD by Waterway, providing a superior sealing solution for your hot tub heater or pump unions.


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