NSF 2″ Winter Plug

2″ Winter Plug

Introducing the NSF 2″ Winter Plug, a standard winterizing solution designed for return jets, skimmers, and fittings in your pool. This 2″ winter plug ensures a secure seal to protect your pool during the winter months.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Application: Standard 2″ size suitable for winterizing return jets, skimmers, and fittings, providing comprehensive protection for your pool.
  • Secure Seal: Ensure a tight and reliable seal by using Teflon Tape during installation, promoting effective winterization.
  • Brand Note: Please be aware that the item in the photo may not represent the same brand of plug; however, it serves the same purpose, delivering quality winterizing performance.

Upgrade your winterizing process with the NSF 2″ Winter Plug, a reliable solution to safeguard your pool components during colder seasons. With a focus on ease of use and effective sealing, this winter plug contributes to the overall protection of your pool infrastructure.


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