Metalfree™ by Natural Chemistry

Metal removal product.

Introducing Metalfree™ – your powerful ally in protecting against metal staining and discoloration in pools. As a highly effective metal chelating agent, Metalfree™ combats trace metals like iron and copper, ensuring your pool stays stain-free. An integral part of a well-designed pool maintenance program, Metalfree™ distinguishes itself by not raising phosphate levels, setting it apart from other stain and scale products.

Key Features:

– Metal Protection: Effectively shields against staining and discoloration caused by trace metals, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your pool.

– Chelating Agent: Metalfree™ acts as a potent chelating agent, neutralizing harmful metals and preventing them from causing issues in your pool water.

– Compatibility: Suitable for use with most sanitizing systems and compatible with all pool surfaces, offering versatility in application.

– Phosphate-Free: Unlike many stain and scale products, Metalfree™ does not raise phosphate levels in pool water, ensuring a cleaner and more balanced pool environment.

Caution: While Metalfree™ is compatible with various sanitizing systems, it is not intended for use with biguanides.

Elevate your pool maintenance strategy with Metalfree™ – the key to a pristine and metal-free pool experience.


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