Manifold 6-Port 1-1/2″ Slip X 1/2″ Slip By Waterway

1 1/2″ manifold

Introducing the Waterway 672-4120 Manifold, a versatile plumbing component engineered for use in diverse aquatic systems. Featuring a barb/port size of 1/2″, this manifold is designed to offer compatibility with an array of fittings and pipes, catering to both residential and commercial applications.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Plumbing Component: The Waterway 672-4120 Manifold is a versatile plumbing solution crafted for use in a variety of aquatic systems, ensuring flexibility in its applications.
  • Barb/Port Size – 1/2″: With a 1/2″ barb/port size, this manifold provides compatibility with a wide range of fittings and pipes, enhancing its versatility for different plumbing setups.
  • Number of Ports – 6: Featuring six ports, the manifold offers ample connection points, allowing for efficient water distribution within the system.
  • Transition Manifold Fitting Type: Designed as a transition manifold fitting, it facilitates smooth transitions between different plumbing components for seamless integration.
  • Manifold Plumbing Size “A” – 1-1/2″ Slip (s): The manifold is equipped with a 1-1/2″ slip (s) plumbing size “A,” ensuring secure and reliable connections.

Choose the Waterway 672-4120 Manifold for a reliable and versatile plumbing component, suitable for various residential and commercial aquatic systems. Trust in Waterway’s commitment to quality in pool and spa equipment.


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