Manifold 1″ Slip x 1″ Slip and (8) 3/8″ Smooth Barbs by Waterway

1″ manifold

Introducing the Waterway Manifold with 1″ Slip x 1″ Slip and (8) 3/8″ Smooth Barbs, a versatile plumbing component designed for pool and spa systems. Manufactured in the USA by Waterway Plastics, this manifold offers precise connections and reliable performance.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design: Features a 1″ slip x 1″ slip with (8) 3/8″ smooth barbed ports, providing flexibility for various plumbing configurations in pool and spa systems.
  • Compatibility: The 1″ slip is designed to fit over pipes with a 1″ inside dimension or 1″ spigot, while the 3/8″ smooth barbed ports are tailored for 3/8″ clear tubing or flex pipe.
  • Secure Installation: Must be glued into place at slip ends for a secure and durable connection in your plumbing system.
  • Tubing Recommendation: It is highly recommended to glue tubing onto smooth barbed ports, and if using clear tubing, clamp it into place (clamps not necessary with flex pipe).
  • Adjustable Ports: Unneeded ports can be easily plugged using a 3/8″ new style manifold plug, sold separately, allowing for customization based on your specific plumbing requirements.

Upgrade your pool and spa plumbing system with the Waterway Manifold, known for its quality PVC construction, versatile design, and ease of installation. Whether you need precise connections or flexibility in port usage, this manifold is designed to meet your plumbing needs effectively.


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