Leaf Skimmer with Pole by Distinction

🍃 Effortless Spa and Pool Maintenance with Distinction’s Leaf Skimmer and Extendable Pole! 🍃

Keep your spa and pool pristine and free from debris with the Distinction Leaf Skimmer. This essential tool comes with a sturdy extendable pole, reaching up to 4 feet, ensuring you can effortlessly navigate the surface of your spa or pool for efficient cleaning. The skimmer’s design by Distinction guarantees durability and effectiveness in capturing leaves, bugs, and other unwanted debris. With easy-to-use functionality and an extendable reach, maintaining your spa or pool’s cleanliness has never been more convenient. Upgrade your water oasis with Distinction’s Leaf Skimmer, a reliable and indispensable tool for a crystal-clear and rejuvenating experience.


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