Cell Protect by Natural Chemistry

Extend the life of saltwater generators!

Introducing Cell Protect – a groundbreaking formula designed to extend the life of saltwater generators by preventing scale build-up. This unique blend contains non-phosphate sequestering agents and calcium inhibitors, preventing metal staining, reducing calcification on salt generator cells, and promoting the longevity of pool liners.

Key Features:

  • Scale Prevention: Groundbreaking formula prevents scale build-up, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of saltwater generators.
  • Metal Stain Prevention: Guards against metal staining for pristine pool and hot tub surfaces.
  • Calcification Reduction: Reduces calcification on salt generator cells, maintaining optimal performance.
  • Phosphate-Free: No phosphates added, promoting a cleaner and more balanced water environment.
  • Simple Application: Easy once-a-month application for hassle-free maintenance.

Elevate the performance and lifespan of your pool or hot tub with Cell Protect – the simple solution for scale prevention and metal stain control.


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