Bungee Plug by Bungee Plug

Winter Plug

Introducing the Bungee Plug by Bungee Plug, the ultimate blow-out plug for simplifying your pool winterization process. Specifically designed for efficiency and convenience, this plug features a unique bungee strap that stretches to allow the free flow of air or water when pressure is applied. The bungee strap instantly responds to pressure relief and creates a secure seal with its distinctive triple O-ring design.

Key Features:

Effortless Winterization: The Bungee Plug by Bungee Plug is your go-to solution for seamless pool winterization. Its innovative design streamlines the process, making it the only blow-out plug you’ll ever need.
Dynamic Bungee Strap: The incorporated bungee strap stretches to accommodate the flow of air or water during pressure release, ensuring a swift and efficient winterization experience.
Triple O-Ring Seal: The plug is equipped with a unique triple O-ring seal, providing a secure and reliable closure to prevent air or water leakage.
Compatible Design: Tailored to fit a standard 1 ½″ threaded return fitting, the Bungee Plug ensures compatibility with a range of pool systems.

Choose the Bungee Plug by Bungee Plug for a hassle-free and effective solution to winterize your pool. Experience the convenience of a bungee strap and triple O-ring seal, making pool maintenance a breeze during the colder months.


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