Broma Ultra by Summer Smiles

Bromine Pucks 1″

Experience top-tier water sanitation with Broma Ultra 1″ Brominating Tablets. These powerful tablets are specifically designed to provide superior control over your pool’s bromine levels, ensuring safe and crystal-clear water. Broma Ultra tablets dissolve slowly, offering long-lasting protection against bacteria and other contaminants.

Designed for easy handling and convenient dosing, Broma Ultra tablets are ideal for both smaller and larger pools. Their 1″ size makes them versatile and efficient. Achieve peace of mind knowing that your pool remains well-maintained, free from harmful microorganisms, and ready for enjoyment. Broma Ultra 1″ Brominating Tablets are your reliable choice for a pristine and inviting pool environment.

Available in 4KG as Broma Ultra or 7KG as Pure Bromine Discs


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