AquaChek Bromine 4 in 1

Bromine test strips

Elevate your spa water care with AquaChek Spa Bromine 4-in-1 test strips – the quickest and easiest way to ensure your spa is in perfect balance. Take just one second, dip the test strip into your spa water, and within 15 seconds, you’ll have precise results for four key parameters.

Key Features:

  • Quick and Accurate: Get accurate test results for Bromine, pH balance, Alkalinity, and Total Hardness in just 15 seconds with a simple one-second dip.
  • Bright and Bold: Featuring vivid color pads, these spa test strips make it easy to read the chemical levels required to keep your spa water perfectly balanced.
  • Total Hardness Test: Uniquely designed to include a test for Total Hardness, crucial for spa owners. Warmer temperatures increase the risk of scale build-up, making proper hardness levels essential.
  • Color Chart Comparison: Simply compare the strip to the color chart included to easily interpret and understand your spa’s water chemistry.
  • Convenient Kit: Each kit contains 50 test strips, ensuring you have an ample supply for continuous monitoring of your spa water.

Maintain your spa oasis with confidence using AquaChek Spa Bromine 4-in-1  test strips, your efficient and reliable partner in spa water analysis.


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