#100 Vinyl Adhesive, 16 oz Can with Applicator Cap by Boxer Adhesives


Introducing the #100 Vinyl Adhesive, 16 oz Can with Applicator Cap by Boxer Adhesives.

Versatile Adhesive: Formulated specifically for vinyl materials, this adhesive is designed to provide a strong and durable bond for various repair applications.
Convenient Size: Comes in a 16 oz can with an applicator cap, offering ease of application and ensuring efficient coverage of repair surfaces.
Underwater Repairs: Suitable for underwater repairs, making it ideal for fixing leaks and damages in swimming pools, inflatables, and other water-related equipment.
Safety Precautions: Always use a face mask or underwater goggles when making repairs underwater to ensure safety.
Regular Use Instructions: For regular repairs, ensure that all surfaces are clean, apply adhesive sparingly to the patch, press tightly onto the surface to be repaired, and allow to dry for 24 hours.
Deep Underwater Repairs: For deep underwater repairs, follow specific instructions provided, including applying adhesive to the patch, folding it over upon itself, and applying immediately to the damaged area, ensuring no water bubbles are trapped. Allow 4-7 days for full cure.

Keep your vinyl pool liners, inflatables, and other water equipment in top condition with the #100 Vinyl Adhesive by Boxer, providing a reliable solution for various repair needs.


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